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How Are We Doing It?


The more we delve into the subject of Plastic pollution the more shocking it gets, with new stats, images, and videos coming out everyday. It was for this reason we felt we had to do more. By taking on the Atlantic row, we have a unique platform to inspire action for the cause, as well as provide vital funding for SAS Ocean schools. We want the Row for the Ocean campaign to leave a legacy, involving as many communities as possible and make a tangible difference in our home city of Exeter. That’s why we’re aiming to make Exeter one of the first plastic-free cities in the U.K.

So what does this mean, would Exeter really be plastic free? Well in a word, no, as much as plastic can be harmful to the environment, it can also be extremely useful- for example in an MRI machine that for obvious reasons couldn’t use metal and needs something robust. It’s estimated that 50% of plastic is used only once and then thrown away. This ‘single-use’ plastic is what we want to target by reducing the use of plastic coffee cups, utensils, takeaway containers, toothbrushes, straws and plastic bottles to name a few.

The team of experts at SAS HQ have developed five objectives that serve as qualifying criteria; by taking local policy action, committing to ditching single-use, and making a concerted effort to make alternatives readily available, Exeter would be awarded Plastic Free Coastlines status as soon as 2020.


Strategic. Approaching our City council in order to tackle single use plastics at a strategic level. Achieving a resolution from the council in support of the plastic free initiative.


Business. Work with local businesses to help them remove or replace at least three single-use items. We want to have 40 local businesses sign-up in support of the campaign, working with them to educate and inspire their teams, and reduce their plastic use. We want our boat to showcase the most forward-thinking businesses of Exeter, who support both the plastic-free initiative, and who have helped to helped us get to the start-line.


Communities + Schools. Engaging with, and encouraging local communities to take action on single-use plastics. Promoting ‘Plastic-Free Schools’ across our city, and giving talks on our Atlantic Challenge that will inspire the next generation to lead the charge.


Positive Action. Holding beach cleans, fundraisers and other events to raise awareness. We’ve already held a number of events, and will continue to do so right until 2020.


Steering Group. Made up of some of the most influential people working and living in Exeter, the steering group will help guide and promote the campaign.

With these five targets, we will cover a wide spectrum of Exeter’s community, involving as many people as possible, and taking positive steps towards improving our oceans and coastline. If you, your community group, or your business would like to get involved then get in contact, we’d love to speak with you and make a Plastic Free Exeter together.


Four women taking on the world's toughest row. Brought together by a passion for adventure, rowing, and competition we are taking on the biggest challenge of our lives.  We aim to raise awareness of ocean plastics, and protect the UK’s beaches and wildlife.

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